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The 'makeup' of a company has to do with it's mission, by Bret Martin

Culture. That's what attracts us to certain companies. The culture we're looking for draws us in like a flying bug to a light at Nite.

There is an excellent book called "Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies," that explores the reasons why many major companies throughout the last 100 years have made it while their direct competitors didn't, and it always came down to culture.

You see/hear this over and over that this place or that place our great places to work, and in the end what they are talking about is not money related in almost every case, but instead, culture related.

Culture is driven by a mission and vision and few people have that vision and mission like a Founder of a company and in this case, I've tried for years to instill a culture of love and kindness and sympathy and empathy while at the same time staying true to certain principles and systems and not wavering when those said systems and principles are tried.

Of late is seems that everywhere you look people have lost their minds and during those times systems and principles are our guiding light as without them a company ceases to exist and the culture of that said company will very and this causes instability. At that point in time it's most important to keep your eye on the ball and stay true to your core principles and mission and that's the key to driving a thriving culture if you ask me, is staying the course, even when the company or society seems to of gotten lost in the storm. Daylight always comes, there has never been two nights in a row and at the end of the day, staying the course will always save the culture of the company, so long as the course was mapped out well in the beggining!


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